Active Residence in Andorra

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Active residency in Andorra

As expert consultants for immigration Andorra Consultants may assist you with the request for the active residence in Andorra. We specialize on this form of residence as it is a very common request from our clients that are predominantly entrepreneurs forming companies in Andorra and wish to establish also their tax residence in Andorra.

Find below summarized information on the requirements needed for active residence in Andorra, supplementary information and what documents are needed by the authorities to establish active residency.

Our immigration team is not only catering to European citizens but also providing immigration assistance to citizens from Russia, China and the United States. Our multilingual team may accompany you in the process of asking for the active residence in Russian, Chinese, English, German, French and the local languages of course.

The status of residence in Andorra, be it active or passive, grants the holder rights such as family reunification or car registration in Andorra. Also you may request your Andorran driving licence validation, buy property in the country, open a bank account and to operate without any limits but with all the economic rights similar to a citizen of Andorra.

Requirements for the active residence in Andorra

The active residency is meant for individuals that are forming companies and will actively work as directors of their company. You need to meet the following requirements.

  • Own more than 34% of the shares of the company created or acquired
  • Be part of the administration body of the company and actively work for the company as such
  • Have a clean criminal records certificate

Needless to say that you need to show proof of residence, rental contract or proof that you own your property in Andorra. We will accompany you for your medical visit to the Andorran government’s immigration agency.

Quick facts - Active Residency

Summarizing the active residency:

You have the following profile:

  • Hold more than 34% in a newly formed or acquired Andorran company
  • Plan to actively work for your company as director or on the board
  • Have a clean police record
  • Registration in the Andorran Social Security Insurance
  • Spend approximately 183 days living in Andorra
  • A bond – security deposit of 50.000 EUR to the financial authority regulating body of AFA
  • Have your personal residence (rental or property) in Andorra

What documents are needed?

  • Criminal Records I. – Your criminal records / police records certificate of your country of residence
  • Criminal Records II. – If you were born in a different country than the one of your current residence then we also need your criminal records / police records certificate of your country of birth
  • Copy of your passport – Please bring your passport on your first visit to Andorra or have it copied and notarized in your country
  • NOTE: – Any foreign documents have to be notarized with an apostille of The Hague

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