Tax consultants in Andorra

Tax consultant services in Andorra

Discover our various consultancy services that we offer through our collaborating firms for Andorra and Spain. Our expertise is on tax planning and analysis for companies and private individuals seeking to establish residence in Andorra. However we are not limited to the below mentioned services and through our network of trusted partners may provide you further consultancy including various legal, strategic and managerial aspects. Feel free to contact us for more specific service requests.

Company formation in Andorra

A company formation in Andorra opens the doors to a wide range of opportunities for international business. Discover the steps to incorporate in Andorra.

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Active Residence in Andorra

The active residency is typically meant for people that are actively working in their newly formed company in Andorra. It is the most-common type of residency for international entrepreneurs and directors.

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Passive Residency in Andorra

The passive residence is ideal for individuals that are not actively working, but have passive income and wish to establish their residence in Andorra.

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International tax planning Andorra

Careful analysis of the implications that a change of residence or company set up in Andorra might have is the key to a proper international tax planning.

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Financial Compliance Consulting in Andorra

Moving important amounts of capital in and out of Andorra requires compliance with banks and local regulatory bodies. We work with our clients to meet these criteria efficiently and speedy.

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International Trade Consulting

Andorra’s special regime for international trading companies allows for a reduced taxation of 2% on company profits. Discover the possibilites with this business model based in Andorra.

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Real Estate Project Consulting

Investing into Andorra’s real estate market is a unique opportunity combined with your personal residence or the set up of your business venture in the country.

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Business Center Andorra

Andorra requires substance in the country in terms of physical office space. Discover our modern premises and business center for companies from all over the world.

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